Labour leader Jacinda Ardern answers your questions – MSN

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern answers your questions – MSN

Jacinda, your party wishes to make tertiary education free – how will we afford this? Will this policy mean tax hikes?

Concerned, Hamilton

We do indeed have an aspiration to make the first three years of study free for those who haven’t been through polytech or university before. That’s because we believe we all benefit when we upskill our workforce. We’ve been really careful to cost this one, though, and that is why it is taking us a number of years to phase it in.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing New Zealand, and if you’re in government, what would you do about it?

Chris (65) Rotorua

Thanks, Chris. I worry about our next generation. We have a number of plans aimed at giving them opportunities, including work experience and apprenticeship opportunities. And for our families with wee ones, I want to use amazing resources like Plunket to give them more support.