ACT leader David Seymour answers your questions – MSN

ACT leader David Seymour answers your questions – MSN

What do you think is the biggest problem facing New Zealand, and if you’re in government, what would you do about it?

Chris (65) Rotorua

The massive cost of housing is the single largest cause of poverty and inequality in New Zealand. ACT says it’s crazy to ban people from building homes during a housing shortage. We would restore affordability by cutting red tape in land use and construction, allowing new homebuilding on an epic scale.

Immigration is a hot issue this election. What is your policy regarding our increased migration rate, and will you put measures in place to slow it down until infrastructure can support such an influx?

Lyn (53) Auckland

ACT welcomes peaceful and productive immigrants. Many businesses rely on immigrants to fill specific skills shortages. Instead of scapegoating immigration, ACT would ensure housing and infrastructure responds to a growing population. We would do this by giving half the GST from building to local councils for use on basic infrastructure. This would also encourage councils to approve new housing initiatives.